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Above the Clouds
Christmas Cocktail

Duration: 9 minutes
Opus: 20 No.2
Date: 2020



This was originally written in 1986 as a much longer wind ensemble piece for the Cardiff Festival of Music as pre-concert entertainment in the foyer of St David's Hall, Cardiff.

Traditional Christmas music is combined, re-harmonised and given a twist as in the mixing of a cocktail. Sometimes, the bartender may have sampled a little too much of the product!

This, condensed, version for brass band was made in 2019.


Soprano Eb Cornet; Solo Bb Cornet (4); Repiano Bb; 2nd Bb Cornet; 3rd Bb Cornet; Solo Eb Horn; 1st Eb Horn; 2nd Eb Horn; 1st Bb Baritone; 2nd Bb Baritone; 1st Bb Trombone; 2nd Bb Trombone; Bass Trombone; Euphonium Bb (2); Eb Bass (2); Bb Bass (2); Percussion (3)

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