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Above the Clouds
Fibonacci's Dream

Duration: 12 minutes
Opus: 39
Date: 1999



Inspired by the Fibonacci series, a mathematical progression in which each new number is the sum of the previous two (e.g. 1,2,3,5,8,13.....).


This series has been used by other composers, most notably Bartok, to structure both the tonality and form of their works.

In this quintet, I have used patterns of 2,3,5 and 8 notes which are manipulated in a series of musical blocks and cells to form the musical fabric in both rhythmic and harmonic senses. The Fibonacci series also determines the phrase lengths and the length of the sections which make up each movement.


The quintet is set in three movements and follows a fast-slow-fast pattern with the first movement being a highly rhythmic Toccata, the second a slightly disturbed Nocturne and the third a violent scherzo.


2 BbTrumpets; Horn (F); Trombone; Tuba

Commissioned by

Welsh National Opera Brass Consort

First performance

Welsh National Opera Brass Consort
Machynlleth Festival - 26th September, 1999

Score & Audio
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